zeBox Jukebox
  • Simple user interface, large buttons,artist images
  • Quick search, see results as you type
  • Missing song request option
  • Coin validator for any currency
zeBox Karaoke
  • Switch to Karaoke mode at any time of the day, just one click away
  • Hundreds of track to choose from
  • Connect to external TV via HDMI
  • Adjustable price per song
zeBox Selfies
  • Selfie mode suggested upon inserted coin
  • Customize selfies by adding bar's logo
  • Easy access to selfies for social media promotion.


Technical specification
  • 68cm round, 8 cm thin, wall-mountable solid metal body.
  • Durable  cashbox (up to 1000 coins), side-load coin validator, built-in 4Mpix camera,big LED lighted logo, programmable RGB color
  • All-in-one PC, 19” Touchscreen, Intel® Celeron® QuadCore J1900, 240 Gb SSD HD, 2Gb RAM.
Mobile manager
  • Skip songs, remove songs or artists
  • Set background music playlists
  • Create personalized backgorund music playlists
  • Delete or download selfies
Promotion tools
  • Add pictures or videos to screensaver
  • Set schedules for audio advertisments
  • Selfie photos available for Social media and screensaver
  • Set happy hours, free mode or protomotion tokens


Ze Co-operation
How does ZeBox co-operate?
  • ZeBox is Luxembourg based company and has Operators in several countries across Europe.
  • ZeBox for FREE installation in a bar is available through one of our Operators.
  • ZeBox is looking for partners to expand in other countries and regions.
Want a FREE ZeBox in your bar?
    ZeBox Operator contacts:
    • ZeBox Luxembourg: Ričardas Ulozas +352661783763 
    • ZeBox Latvia: Didzis Graudins +37129471868
    • ZeBox Estonia and Holland Roy Vissers +0031628656456 +0037256976068
Want to become a ZeBox Operator?
  • ZeBox regional distribution can be a good business for you!.
  • ZeBox offers business know-how, training and flexible trial period conditions.
  • ZeBox head office will provide you with further information.
Head office contacts:
+371 29459990